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IT for outcomes

Monitoring and evaluation involves gathering and assessing lots of information and data. Gathering, storing and manipulation of this data can be a challenge. This resource provides support in planning your database needs to meet your monitoring and evaluation requirements.

The problem

Imagine an organisation working with a range of different clients and offering a number of different services. They must report to a number of different funders, each with their own specific information requirements and formats. They must also report to their trustees. In order to do this, they have developed a range of ad-hoc ways to pull together the paper-based information for these reports; for example, recording the names of those attending an event in a log and counting these up manually. Sound familiar?

How IT can help

IT lets different people access different information and use it in different ways. It can help you to cross-reference and link pieces of information, which can make it easier to understand patterns and trends and then produce reports. IT can help an organisation be more efficient in the way it manages its data.

Getting ready

There are a number of key things to consider before deciding on the most appropriate IT system to help you with your monitoring and evaluation. It is very important that you have already developed your monitoring and evaluation system before embarking on the journey of implementing a new IT system. This will help to make sure you get the most out of your new system.

Visit our performance improvement pages to find out more about developing a monitoring and evaluation framework.

Once your monitoring and evaluation system is developed, you can start to think about the various steps involved in putting in place your new IT system. Our flowchart shows the basic process that you will need to undertake.

Download the flowchart.

You might also want to use our useful worksheet and checklist to help you develop an IT system to support your monitoring and evaluation.

The right IT system
The right IT system
To give you a head start in selecting the right ICT package, CES have put together a comparative matrix for 14 different systems currently available in the market.
Case studies
Case studies
Each of the system providers we researched supplied us with a case study so that you can see how others have worked with the system and find out more about how the implementation works.