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Charities Evaluation Services merged with NCVO, becoming NCVO Charities Evaluation Services in 2014

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Tools and resources

About our tools and resources

We have a wide range of tools and resources available on our website to help you plan your work. These include interactive tools, informative guides and downloadable resources to help you to get started.

If you are Planning for monitoring and evaluation or want help with Outcomes and outcome indicators we have dedicated pages that provide essential support. These include resources for commissioning external evaluations, planning IT, as well as information that can help you to identify and monitor the outcomes that you want to achieve. Our tools and resources for Evaluation methods include information on evaluation methods to help you to consider alternate approaches, such as SROI and developing your own Theory of Change.

Our pages for Quality management resources will help you with different approaches to quality, and include information on organisational health checks.

For funders we have a tailored and focused guide – Does your money make a difference?

To help you to understand the language used in planning, monitoring, evaluation, project management and performance improvement we have a section on terms and definitions.

Latest news

Evaluation past, present and future
Evaluation past, present and future
2 September 2015
To celebrate CES’ 25th anniversary, Sally Cupitt and Rowan Boase reflect on the last 25 years of evaluation in the voluntary sector, share CES’ learning from the last quarter century, and set out a vision for the next 25 years.
CES and NCVO working towards merger
CES and NCVO working towards merger
17 September 2014
Charities Evaluation Services and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations will work towards a merger later this year, the two organisations announced today.